qualIty polIcy




  • To be aware of the fact that all the expenses which we did with the aim of providing the highest quality are not costs but investments for the future,

  • Making our quality, which we created by the principle of knowledge, hard work and full attendance, become an inextricable part of our goods,

  • Improving the individual sufficiency of our employees by the education provided and making them be able to use the technology in their fields effectively.

  • Catching up with today's technology, making constant investments for the improvement of our machines and equipments for offering the best quality in our goods and service, the highest productivity and the most appropriate cost,

  • Providing correct and on time use of necessary sources and constant improvement in quality managing system, following the fundamentals which keep the continuity of our clients' satisfaction

            are the principles which compose our awareness of quality, politics and goals as ATM TEKNIK.



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